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What Does It Mean To You?

  This week instead of my normal devotions, I have decided to take my time reading through all the accounts of the Easter story. Today is the first day, and I started in Matthew. Before I sat down to read the account, I was listening to the song " Jesus, Thank You." "The mystery of the cross I cannot comprehend The agonies of Calvary You the perfect Holy One , crushed Your Son Who drank the bitter cup reserved for me Your blood has washed away my sin Jesus, thank You The Father’s wrath completely satisfied Jesus, thank You Once Your enemy, now seated at Your table Jesus, thank You By Your perfect sacrifice I’ve been brought near Your enemy You’ve made Your friend Pouring out the riches of Your glorious grace Your mercy and Your kindness know no end. Lover of my soul, I want to live for You." (Italics mine) I kept thinking of those words as I was reading. . . how can I not say thank you?! All the details that we have recorded for us about

Inflammation May Not Be What You Think....

Do you struggle with inflammation?  Maybe you aren't sure. Let's jump in and learn a bit more of what to look for...     If you would have asked me about inflammation, I would have quickly told you I did not struggle with that! So how DO we know if we have inflammation? Here are a couple things to know... - Chronic inflammation isn’t picky. It can attack any part of your body for attack. It can attack your skin, lungs, gut, blood cells... you name it. - People call “chronic inflammation” an invisible disease, but in reality it is written all over your body. Unfortunately, it DOES do it’s damage silently. For a long time you might feel okay or just fine, while in reality you are getting sicker each day as the internal fire increases. ---------------------------------------------- Here are some of the classic signs and symptoms to look for: Take a moment and do a self-check! • Arthritis, joint pain, stiffness •Heart disease ... Research shows that inflamma

Forget Spring. . .

. . . Welcome Summer! The temperatures rise quickly in central and southern Florida, which means it's pool time much sooner than normal. Ha ha, I say normal because I am a Virginian and their weather is normal to me;)  Although I love doing research on health topics, I have the time to have some fun! When it is 85-90 degrees outside it is a much better decision to go swimming than go running. It is still good exercise. Any recreation that has to do with water, I enjoy. Well, all the water recreational activities I have done that is;) (Might I say, I am very thankful that my mother in law chose to buy a house with a pool.) My little cousin, Ali, and I have enjoyed a couple days in the pool together. I suppose I am still a kid at heart when it comes to playing in the water... the ocean, a lake, a pool, the Florida springs.... We stayed in the pool for hours and had all kinds of fun. She especially loved it when I would go under the water and pick up her toy shark! I re

Don't Forget About Them When It Gets Hard

            "You want to take a walk together when I get home this evening?" Adam asked me as he was preparing to walk out the door for work. "Yeah." I answered happily. I always enjoy walking with him in the evenings.      Throughout the day, I kept thinking about spending some time with Adam when he got home.  Because he works full time and is going to school in the evenings, which is an hour away from where we live, we do not get to spend much time together. He often needs to spend off hours studying for up coming tests. I dearly enjoy time we get together when there are no distractions.     That evening when he got home, he did not say anything about taking a walk. I could not help wondering throughout the day if he would be too tired when he got home. He also got out of school later than I had thought he would. I decided not to bring up anything about a walk but heated him some supper and suggested we watch a favorite show of his, instead.     I co

Just A Little Better When...

   I have been married almost two years and since my wedding day my life has been a whirlwind.  I have learned a lot, griped a lot, smiled a lot, cried a lot, and actually moved a lot.  We’ve made plans, but most of our plans didn’t end up going through for one reason or another.    At times it has become frustrating and sometimes it feels hopeless. Why try to come up with another plan when nothing has happened the way we hoped it would?      After moving several times, and using our savings to keep us afloat when things didn’t go as planned, we ended up moving in with my husband’s (Adam) mother. We were only supposed to be in her house for a couple of months- while we got back on our feet. But Adam was not able to get a job like we had hoped. He was also planning to go to Law Enforcement Academy. The plan was for him to do day classes and I would work and it would only take 4-5 months. But after looking for work I realized I would not be able to find a job that would pay me enough to

Body Balance and Weight Loss

Is it hard for you to lose weight?! Losing weight is never the body’s first priority. It may be your personal priority but the body has its own agenda!  Fighting infection, keeping the heart and lungs going and managing blood pressure and circulation are always going to trump “weight loss” from the body’s point of view. So how do we lose weight? You have to address the gut  There is a nasty bacteria in our gut that all of us have. It can affect almost every area of the body... anxiety, 2nd brain, mood.  It is the result of the "bacteria" in our body overgrowing, and it doesn't need to be OBVIOUS to mean it's present. This yeast/bacteria feeds on sugars, so it will demand sweets to keep itself fed. It's not a sweet tooth.Do you crave something sweet after you eat? It is also a cause of the damaged gut lining. It disturbs our neurotransmitters, our metabolism, and makes us crave sweets. As the immune system deals with this bacteria, the toxic load causes the body to