Body Balance and Weight Loss

Is it hard for you to lose weight?!

Losing weight is never the body’s first priority. It may be your personal priority but the body has its own agenda! 

Fighting infection, keeping the heart and lungs going and managing blood pressure and circulation are always going to trump “weight loss” from the body’s point of view.

So how do we lose weight?
You have to address the gut 

There is a nasty bacteria in our gut that all of us have. It can affect almost every area of the body... anxiety, 2nd brain, mood.  It is the result of the "bacteria" in our body overgrowing, and it doesn't need to be OBVIOUS to mean it's present.

This yeast/bacteria feeds on sugars, so it will demand sweets to keep itself fed. It's not a sweet tooth.Do you crave something sweet after you eat? It is also a cause of the damaged gut lining. It disturbs our neurotransmitters, our metabolism, and makes us crave sweets.

As the immune system deals with this bacteria, the toxic load causes the body to hold water. We hold water to dilute toxins in the blood, lymph, kidneys and colon. The more toxic you are, the more likely you are to hold water. This water weight affects A LOT more than your clothing size too… It’s one of the primary reasons for high blood pressure.

If the blood contains more fluid than normal, it has to pump harder than normal.
Weight loss occurs naturally as the body gets healthier by killing the bacteria off, reducing inflammation, balancing hormones, blood sugars,making it easier to make better food choices. As a result you will have more energy and actually feel like working out.

There's science behind this... let's get to the root problem once and for all. Stop the yoyo dieting. 

So, now we know what we need to do to lose weight.

This is why I have started using what we call •Plexus Slim. •
How can healthy taste so good?

Plexus Slim is natural and plant-based! No chemicals, no dyes, no artificial sweeteners! Here are a few of the highlighted ingredients in our delicious "Pink Drink" that has been clinically demonstrated to help you lose weight, while also promoting the growth of good gut microbes and supporting a healthy glucose metabolism…

✅ Xylooligosaccharides (XOS) is a clinically demonstrated prebiotic fiber that feeds good microbes. XOS feeds the Akkermansia that is already in your gut to increase it by 250x, which has a scientifically proven connection to your metabolism.

✅ Green coffee bean extract has a high level of chlorogenic acid, a phytochemical that acts as a alpha-glucosidase inhibitor, which helps keep our glucose levels consistent all day long and provides clean, natural energy. No jitters, no shakes, no crash! Some are concerned about the caffeine level... but the Slim has been tested and contains no caffeine because the coffee beans used are green!

✅ Chromium Polynicotinate is an essential trace mineral that transports glucose into cells. Chromium prevents spikes in our glucose levels that can bring on strong sweets and carb cravings. Chromium also helps build muscle, promotes burning of unneeded body fat, and helps normalize cholesterol levels.

✅ Garcinia cambogia fruit extract helps inhibit the formation of fat (it is a fat-blocker). It helps the body convert carbohydrates to glycogen, which is an energy source for your muscles. Garcinia cambogia also helps to decrease cravings and emotional eating by increasing serotonin levels in your brain.

✅ Stevia (rebaudiana) leaf extract lightly sweetens Slim and helps lower blood sugar levels.

✅ Beet (Beta vulgaris) root extract is used in Plexus Slim to achieve its gorgeous PINK color! Beetroot helps to detoxify the body, improve memory, provide natural energy, lower cholesterol, improve digestion and immunity.

✅ Alpha Lipoic acid is a very powerful antioxidant, which means it is capable of neutralizing and removing harmful chemicals known as free radicals from the body. It is commonly taken to promote brain health and fights inflammation, while also slowing the aging process.  

Gut health is so important and when you start taking care of your body from the inside out, you start to see the results you’ve been looking for all along. Below are some before and during pictures I took of myself eight weeks into my weight loss journey. 

The pictures on the left were taken April 1st and the pictures on the right were taken 8 weeks prior. 

My husband has also been taking plexus slim and although we didn’t do as pictures like we did for me, I’ll include what we do have, below. 

The first picture was taken first of April and second was taken first of February 2019. His jeans and pants in general fit so much better! And he also has more energy and doesn’t have a craving for all that junk foood anymore. Just look at the difference in him. Not only in the belly and chest but look at his face! Inflammation and excess weight is gone. 
We are very grateful to be learning about gut health! 

That’s all for today friends. 
Until next time, 
Elise Hall


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