Forget Spring. . .

. . . Welcome Summer!

The temperatures rise quickly in central and southern Florida, which means it's pool time much sooner than normal. Ha ha, I say normal because I am a Virginian and their weather is normal to me;) 
Although I love doing research on health topics, I have the time to have some fun!

When it is 85-90 degrees outside it is a much better decision to go swimming than go running. It is still good exercise. Any recreation that has to do with water, I enjoy. Well, all the water recreational activities I have done that is;)
(Might I say, I am very thankful that my mother in law chose to buy a house with a pool.)
My little cousin, Ali, and I have enjoyed a couple days in the pool together. I suppose I am still a kid at heart when it comes to playing in the water... the ocean, a lake, a pool, the Florida springs....

We stayed in the pool for hours and had all kinds of fun. She especially loved it when I would go under the water and pick up her toy shark!

I really miss being in the country. I grew up on a farm, surrounded by cows, goats, cats, chickens... ah, those are good memories. One day, when we are through this stage of life, we do hope to move back to the country. I suppose we will see what God has in store for us. But for now, the pool will help a country girl, while she is living in the city;)

I have seen  pictures of my friends in other parts of of the country that are just starting to see spring arrive, while we are preparing for summer!
So happy spring to the rest of you.

Until next time,
Elise Hall


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