Inflammation May Not Be What You Think....

Do you struggle with inflammation?  Maybe you aren't sure.
Let's jump in and learn a bit more of what to look for...

    If you would have asked me about inflammation, I would have quickly told you I did not struggle with that! So how DO we know if we have inflammation?
Here are a couple things to know...
- Chronic inflammation isn’t picky. It can attack any part of your body for attack. It can attack your skin, lungs, gut, blood cells... you name it.
- People call “chronic inflammation” an invisible disease, but in reality it is written all over your body. Unfortunately, it DOES do it’s damage silently. For a long time you might feel okay or just fine, while in reality you are getting sicker each day as the internal fire increases.
Here are some of the classic signs and symptoms to look for:

Take a moment and do a self-check!

• Arthritis, joint pain, stiffness
•Heart disease ... Research shows that inflammation is a prime culprit in everything from atherosclerosis to congestive heart failure and stroke.
•Asthma ... It hurts your lungs and is at the root of many chronic respiratory problems.
•Allergies, sinus issues
•PMS, ENDO, or ED for men ... chronic inflammation leads to imbalanced hormones and all kinds of issues.
•Puffy face or body ... Most Drs. now know that chronic inflammation is the #1 cause of obesity. And fat cells crank out toxic inflammatory chemicals so its a vicious cycle. Inflammation leads to fat, which leads to more inflammation.
•High blood sugar ... guarantee that you're chronically inflamed because it quickly increases a number of inflammatory cells circulating in your blood.
•Digestive issues ... An inflamed gut is a sick gut and can develop anything from constipation, diarrhea to Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or food allergies.
•Always tired ... Inflamed cells are sick cells and they can’t produce the energy to make you feel refreshed and energized to meet the day.
•Skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, acne, adult rosacea, redness ... Bad skin is actually an external sign of an internal fire.
•Anxiety, depression, brain fog
•Autoimmune diseases
•Food cravings
•Thyroid issues
These aren’t the only signs. Inflammation can affect any part of your body and you probably won't know how much it really is affecting until you start targeting inflammation.
Often you can tell if you are chronically inflamed by how you look and feel. But if you want more solid evidence and a way to measure, you can also ask your doctor to play detective...
While there is no single magical test to measure chronic inflammation, there are 3 lab tests that give valuable, detailed clues...
~ C-reactive protein (CRP) this is a protein that is elevated when there is acute or chronic inflammation present. Should
 Fasting blood glucose test - remember... the lower you blood sugar the less inflammation you are going to have
~Hemoglobin A1C - this test tells you what your average blood sugar was over the last 3 months.
Together these tests tell you a lot ... if they are all elevated, inflammation is damaging your body. If they are moving from abnormal to normal, you know that you are reducing inflammation and headed on the road to healing!!
There is an upside to this -- when you heal inflammation you’ll be amazed at how different you’ll look and feel from head to toe. And that's because you’re healing every cell in your body and creating a whole new you!!

I did not realize how much inflammation I had until I started addressing the problem, with my Plexus Slim. (you can read about that in my post Body Balance and Weight Loss.)
Being educated is the first step to helping our body heal and become the best possible.
The pictures below show what a difference reducing inflammation can make!

What would you say if I told you my weight is relatively the same in these pictures? The difference is inflammation.  
Take a look at Heather... 

She is also the same weight in both of these pictures. Inflammation is so key! 

I always enjoy learning new things about my body and my health. And I’m glad you’ve taken the time to learn about your body. I’m always glad to have someone embark on this journey with me, so come on! 

Blessings to everyone. 
Until next time, 
Elise Hall 


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