A choice I make

I’m as guilty of it as the next person. 

It’s not uncommon that I struggle to have a good attitude toward something. 

Maybe it’s someone else’s bad day. 

Maybe it’s my husbands irritation with the people he had to deal with that day. 

Maybe I’m having a bad day myself. 

Whatever it is... the fact that the thoughts that turn into a bad attitude come into my head is not the problem. It’s what I do with those thoughts. 

They can simply stay thoughts, or become an entire attitude. 

When I put truth up next to those ill thoughts, it’s easier to conquer them. 

It’s never self-centered thoughts or make-belief happy thoughts. 

It’s always a choice between self and the truth. 

May I always strive to live in truth’s reality and not self pity. (It really goes a long ways when someone else is having a rough day.) 

Note: It never goes well when I chose the path of self____ (you fill in the blank;)


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