A common question with an uncommon answer

The most common question I get when people find out that we are a blue line family is, “are you nervous all the time?” Or “do you have a lot of anxiety?” 
And this is what I tell them...
Being in law enforcement is very dangerous. There is plenty of room to be nervous or scared and worried. But the truth is that in Matthew 6 Jesus tells me that I can not change anything by worrying. 
Prayer is my better resource. 
So no, I don’t deal with anxiety or worry... because I choose to believe what I know is true. Nothing will happen to Adam beyond what God allows. And whatever God allows is for my good. 
With that said, this was something I had to learn and I’ve cried many tears over the hate toward our blue family and over the fear I used to have toward what someone might do to my husband. It is very sad when I hear of people or hear people in person, say and do things to hurt my brothers and sisters in blue. It also makes me very happy to see people go out of their way to support our blue family. 
To all of you who support the blue line family, thank you!!


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