It doesn’t always have to be a life sentence...

Dear Friend, 
You can beat it.

It doesn’t have to be a forever sentence. It may feel like it’s taking forever, but don’t give up.  I was feeling discouraged but today I got a surprise... 

At the beginning of the year I found out that I have PCOS. It felt like a life sentence, until I learned that despite what SO many say, I don’t have to deal with it for life. So I started researching, reading, learning and doing everything I could to change the damage being done in my body. 

I cut out sugar. I cut out gluten. I went through extra work to make food my body really needed: I spent more money on quality supplements. I started working with a health coach and a homeopath doctor. 

Today, I had to weigh a huge package I’m shipping, so I weighed myself first, and then myself and the package... naturally. I was very surprised... 

For the past year or two, I have stopped weighing myself regularly. (Only once every few months) and honestly didn’t think about my weight much. I ate well and exercised. I didn’t know why I was gaining weight. I didn’t understand until I learned that with the health issues I’m working with, weight gain is a struggle. 
 I weighed in at 30 pounds less than this past spring! I don’t care a whole lot about weight but with this and several other things I’ve noticed, I see my body starting to heal! And I am encouraged! 

Don’t give up! God has made our bodies in an amazing way. Discipline is doing what you’d rather not do now so you’ll have the results you really do want, later. 

Whatever it is, stick with it. Don’t give up. It might be hard. That’s okay. You’ll see the fruit in due time💚


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