This past weekend

This past week found me doing a deep clean in our home. 
Although the house did need it, that was not the driving factor. 
While in Colorado this last September, we made a new friend who has become very dear to us and she decided to drive down from South Carolina to see us this weekend. 
And I have found that the best insensitive to clean the house is for friends who you are very excited to see;) 
Friday found me, Natalie and Adam in the springs, fishing and canoeing with our energetic puppy! 
That was our first time with 3 people in the canoe, a puppy and all the fishing gear trying to row up stream in a very strong current. But we had a blast and made some good memories for sure! 
Natalie discovered that when you can see the fish that you are trying to catch, it makes fishing more fun and engaging. 
After we had been rowing and fishing for some time, we decided a swim would be a good way to end our trip even though the high was only 75° and the water was 72°. 
We didn’t get that many pictures of Friday but I’ll include what I have. 
Saturday, Adam worked the morning and until 2 o’clock pm. 
Natalie and I visited all the small shops in our downtown area and admired things we thought were pretty. That was a lot of fun and something I have not done with a friend before. Adam and I like to go into shops but it’s different when two girls look at things together;) 
Natalie was a sweetheart and got me a macramé plant holder... something I had been wanting for a while! I found a beautiful pot to go with it and I’m excited to hang it in our bedroom. 
We had lunch together at a local chicken place and then went and walked at the lake and watched the birds. 
After Adam got off, the three of us (plus Fletcher, our energetic puppy) went out pond connected to our big lake here to try to catch some more fish.  Adam and Natalie both caught a small bluegill after about an hour and a half of patiently casting, reeling and recasting. I never caught anything but I also had Fletcher with me the whole time, so that could have had something to do with it;) 
We also saw a large (6-7 foot) gator swim past our bobbers and then sink back to the bottom of the pond. 
And of course, after supper, we had to take Natalie to get some ice cream at the best place around (quality and price are amazing!) and then Natalie and I stayed up way too late (11pm) talking. 

We had a wonderful time while she was here and hope it’s not too long until next time:) 
Thanks for coming, Natalie! 

Fletcher does not like water but also doesn’t like not being with me so this was one of his attempts to be near me but also avoid the water. 


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